North American Agent CrossThink

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As the North American Agent for Horizon Strategic Partners, CrossThink offers a range of services for healthcare organizations that do not have the bandwidth to produce and maintain their library of guidance for the MicroGuide services platform.

We developed our publishing standards from the latest research in user experience and interface design for healthcare mobile applications.

Our services include the following:
Content Management: editing, formatting, updating

Data and Information Visualization: charts, graphs, diagrams, illustrations

“MicroGuide™ has supported a sustained reduction in prescribing of high-risk broad-spectrum antibiotics from 40 to 28, coinciding – alongside successful infection prevention initiatives – with a fall in Clostridium difficile infections from 60 a month to less than 10 a month” 

MicroGuide™ DSM algorithms were straightforward to edit and were up-and-running within a matter of hours.  Based on our experience so far with DSM, we feel certain that MicroGuide™ editors and users at other hospitals and ultimately their patients would benefit from adding the DSM enhancement to their MicroGuide™ platform.”

Dr. Kieran Hand