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Since MicroGuide™ was launched it has continued to grow in the number of users and medical organizations who benefits from the platform. MicroGuide™ currently has over 100,000 users globally and has been accessed over 3 million times in the last 12 months. Until recently Europe and Asia were the fastest growing geographical areas, however, they have been recently overtaken by USA. MicroGuide™ is now used in several medical organizations in the US including VCU, IOWA and Rhode Island medical organizations.

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Horizon Strategic Partners – Team

MicroGuide™ is brought to you by a dedicated team of developers, technicians and customer support personnel based in UK, China, and the USA. 

Horizon Strategic Partners continue to invest in new technology to bring our users and editors the latest beneficial innovations that improve the functionality and performance of MicroGuide™. 

Ultimately helping to regulate prescribing practices and improve patient care.